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Breathe (2020)

After lockdown started, I could no longer continue with the film I originally had been planning. The meeting I had a week previous to set up all the dates became of no use any longer. During the first weeks in quarantine, I felt very trapped and entirely unmotivated to complete anything, especially with my final deadlines at university approaching. I found myself most days filming the sky, to keep me occupied during the period of not knowing what to do. I found that unlike my current surroundings, the sky was always changing, therefore was a backdrop that wasn’t static like the rest of the world around me at that moment.

This physical backdrop that has always been there had only now become fully appreciated, therefore was liberating to my practice. I do feel that we were lucky, especially in London, to have had such consistently uplifting weather during the first weeks of lockdown, which I think had helped get me through that period. I knew it wasn’t always going to be sunny and perfect weather. However, within this first stretch, it was an excellent foreshadowing of hope that I needed. Through capturing this, editing it and playing with it, I felt as if I was productive, even though it did not have much to do with my current project. However, it was the pause and outlet I needed to use to figure out how to progress onto the next step. After this, I was able to inform the people I had contacted previously and who were going to take part in the film, that the original idea would be on hold, and that hopefully in the future I would be able to go back to it and complete the film at a time when the world was back open. I feel that if and when I do approach the original idea, I will have a better understanding of what I want to say and how I want to approach it. As I felt I was going down a slippery slope of capturing boring visuals and the story would be hard to follow due to its trying topic.

March 2020